Our Community

MyApnea.Org is a network created by people with sleep apnea to empower others like us to get the answers we want and need through sharing and promoting research. MyApnea.Org offers sleep apnea patients and caregivers the opportunity to learn more about apnea and effective treatments, share experiences with other members of the community, and contribute to research to improve diagnosis, management, and treatments for sleep apnea.

Community Success

Most promising, our community is becoming increasingly active. We currently have 8,815 posts in 827 topics To date, we've watched an overwhelming amount of support grow among the MyApnea community. The forum alone has become an active discussion board where people with sleep apnea, researchers, and care providers help each other address important questions and concerns. Among these are:

"Note I look at a lot of support sites and finally pulled the trigger on this one....glad I did!"


"I got up this morning feeling completely different...thank you guys for helping me ease into this next phase."

- Bhek

"I belong to a bunch of SA support groups...this one has the people that honestly want to help."

- Pat