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JasonLarsen +0 points · about 1 month ago Original Poster


I have taken all of the surveys, and the only one I have scored remotely satisfactory on was the one asking about my impact of sleep on daily activities. I have had no impact on any of my daily activities except work.

I received my first APAP machine on my last birthday (incidentally, my next birthday is coming up this year) so I have known about sleep therapy for just under a year now.

I have mixed sleep apnea, but my OSA is more severe than my CSA. I had my APAP machine until a few months ago, when my sleep apnea company insisted that I give it back to them. I ended up owing them a lot of money as a result. I stopped using my APAP machine because I have sensory issues. I do not like the feeling of distilled water in my mouth and I couldn't stand my APAP machine trying to work itself too hard when I had severe OSA episodes. It made a lot of noise while I was trying to sleep also.

My sleep doctor suggested that I use an APAP machine during the day and I will do that for more and more minutes a day until I am used to it. However, the problem is that I have so many outlets in my residence that I don't know which one to plug my machine into in my common area.

Do any of you relate to me?

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Sierra +0 points · about 1 month ago Sleep Patron
  • A CPAP is really only effective on obstructive apnea, and not CAS. Mixed apnea requires careful machine setup
  • Water should not carry over to your mask if it is set up properly. Be sure to use a heated hose, and put the humidity control on auto.
  • When a machine is set up properly the pressure will not go too high
  • Ideally use the machine while watching TV, or reading a book to get used to it
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PutSleepApneatoBed +0 points · 22 days ago

Welcome, Jason!

Successful Sleep Apnea treatment can often be more of a journey than a destination. What machine do you have? Are the ramping and expiratory assist features set up properly? Properly implemented, they may both help you adjust..

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Randall95 +0 points · 14 days ago

hi, Which machine do you have?

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