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about the Inspire implant...

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polyzelos +0 points · almost 5 years ago Original Poster

I have read some positive and negative things about the Inspire nerve stimulator therapy implant. My own experience was excellent. I had two years of great sleep and feeling human again--not passing out in the mid-afternoon while playing with my small son. I am a healthy mid-40s man, 175 lbs. I received the implant in Philadelphia from a great doctor (Maurits Boon).

But a few months ago it started to malfunction, turning off after about two hours each night, instead of the eight hours it should last.

The Inspire representatives were very helpful, even sending a representative to meet with me and a doctor in Dallas (I live in Texas now, several hours from the nearest doctor who uses the device). They were unable to fix the problem with their device readers, so I was told that the implant would need to be replaced.

I am on a CPAP now (not great, since I keep taking it off in my sleep). I still use the Inspire device for the two hours it lasts, and it works well with the CPAP. I hope to get a new implant this summer, back in Philly, with my original doctor.

I am here to ask whether anyone has heard of a malfunction like mine. The Inspire folks were not very forthcoming with information about device malfunctions. I would like to get a new working implant, but it would help to know how common this sort of thing is before I commit to further surgeries.

Thank you!

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Sierra +0 points · almost 5 years ago Sleep Patron

There have been a few posts here about the Inspire device. I would suggest doing a search. In general my recollection is that the reviews are somewhat mixed. Some love them, and some not so much.

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