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Advice for cpap/treatment after septoplasty

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bioshen7 +0 points · over 6 years ago Original Poster

So I just had a septoplasty last week and just had my splints removed yesterday. There's obviously some time needed for recovery and healing. My logic was, fix my breathing and reduce sinus infections and possibly alleviate some of my sleep apnea symptoms or at least help by being able to breath through my nose better. My question is, what should I do from here? I was diagnosed with mild sleep apnea last july and have been on cpap since August with little to no success. I either didn't feel results or my full face mask would constantly fall off of my face while I sleep. My sleep apnea doctor said my condition is caused by my tongue and not by my weight.

I feel that by default, my settings on my cpap will have to at least change with the new surgery and it feels pointless for me to try my cpap now when I'm currently already having issues sleeping because of surgery. My doctor mentioned he wanted me to do another sleep study which would be my third. I would like to avoid doing that again or at the very least wait until my nose has healed. I'm not quite sure what I should do or If should just be patient with the healing process and just see how much the surgery could potentially help with my sleep apnea. Any advice would truly be helpful, thank you.

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wiredgeorge +0 points · over 6 years ago Sleep Enthusiast

The surgery affected your breathing through your nose. Obviously it will take a bit of time for the healing and the new breathing pattern to stabilize. I think you should get another sleep study but it doesn't make much sense to do it till everything is healed. I assume there is some vestigial swelling and such with this type surgery as with any so just smile at the doc and tell him when things normalize and you are ready.

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