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air blowing out of my mouth

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Pi +0 points · 10 days ago Original Poster

My cpap therapy is working pretty well, but I have a problem with air blowing out of my mouth. Maybe I should say that my wife has a problem with it, since she's the one bothered by it. The problem is not that I'm breathing through my mouth; my chin strap takes care of that. Instead the machine is blowing air in through my nose and some of that makes its way into my mouth. Sometimes while I'm waiting to fall asleep my mouth will suddenly fill up with air. After I fall asleep this air must be blowing out through my lips and making an annoying sound.

I understand that a full face mask might be a solution, but I have not been able to find one that works for me, so I have stuck with my nasal pillow.

Any suggestions on keeping the air from entering my mouth? This is my first post here; it seems like a very helpful forum.

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Tulip44 +0 points · 9 days ago

I had this problem -- you described it exactly. It happened for a while and then just stopped. I think it was part of adjusting to the CPAP. Because I was having trouble opening my mouth I started taping. For a while the air escape continued to happen (cheeks puff out and air finds a way out) but eventually it stopped. I sleep perfectly now. I still tape but I'm extremely comfortable with it.

FYI, I described this initially to my doctor and he thought it might just be part of the adjustment. He did prescribe another mask, not full face, but I never ended up using it and I have stayed with the nasal pillow.

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