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Airsense 10 making a squeaking noise

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rich13348 +0 points · 4 months ago Original Poster

I have a Reamed Airsense 10 that has recently started intermittently squeaking at me. It is a high pitched medium level squeak that is only a fraction of a second long. It seems to be coming from the machine rather than the mask but it is difficult to tell as it is so intermittent.

My wife has noticed it too and it kept her awake last night and apparently we had a discussion about it though I have no memory of this rather heated discussion.

Any thoughts about the squeaking?

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Sierra +0 points · 4 months ago Sleep Innovater

If you machine is less than 2 years old, you may want to check into a warranty claim through the dealer you bought it from. I am currently dealing with ResMed over a warranty claim, and lets just say, they are not the easiest to deal with. At minimum you will want to get a written record of making the claim and what the problem is. I have the AirSense 10 have not heard anything like what you describe. The only moving parts are in the machine.

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