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Alaxo Stent

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CarlG +0 points · over 5 years ago Original Poster

Has anybody in this forum tried the Alaxo Stent? In my quest to get a good nights sleep I have tried everything under the sun.

CPAP - we all know cpap sucks. Dental Appliance - now my teeth alignment is all screwed up and I have receding gumlines. Weight - I'm not overweight, just have a huge tongue and narrow airway. Supplements - nothing effective. (would like to try dronabinol, but doctor will not prescribe it)

So, yes I am desperate enough to try inserting a tube in my nose down into my throat to sleep through the night, but I've tried for over a year to get my hands on these stents with no luck.

It would be nice if someone in this forum is from a country that allows them, and to know if they are tolerable and effective?

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