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American HomePatient and other Durable Medical Equipment distributors

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rtwigg +0 points · almost 6 years ago Original Poster

My first disappointment with American HomePatient was when they tried to sell me a different brand than what I asked for. I question their incentive for this. ResMed is the world leader in CPAP machines! I asked for a ResMed. Their representative brought a Phillips to the table. I told them to put it back and bring me the ResMed I asked for.

Being told by American HomePatient that their insurance insists they buy from American HomePatient. Nonsense Lie! It is the insureds choice who they do business with. I have had CPAP machines for over ten years. In that time every Durable Medical Equipment supplier I ever tried to do business was deceptive and dishonest and one even ordered equipment and supplies for me as a reply to my request for a price quote. Regardless of what you are told your insurance allows, it doesn't mean you have to buy that much stuff.

My gut feeling is you cannot trust any of them. Buy online, save money and get what YOU need when YOU need it!

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