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Auto or manual ramp time doesn't work

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Soundbear +0 points · about 5 years ago Original Poster

My ramp time on my Airsense 10 was set to 15 minutes at 6 then all of a sudden it just started giving me 6 when I got in bed. So I switched it over to Automatic and it does the same thing. Two weeks ago I took it in to my supplier(the machine was given to me in Oct 18, so its been used 5 months) for doing the same thing, ramping up to 6 right away. My supplier switched it to manual for 15 minutes and it worked fine for a week, now its going back to ramping to 6 the minute I turn the machine on. I have disconnected the power for a few seconds but still does same thing. I believe the sensor is bad. This started Friday night two days ago and I'm going to take it in for another machine on Monday unless I get some answers.

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Sierra +0 points · about 5 years ago Sleep Patron

Actually it sounds to me like it may be working properly. If you set a ramp for 15 minutes time it should ramp up from the Ramp Start pressure to your minimum machine pressure over 15 minutes. In the default out of the box condition the Ramp Start pressure will be set to 4 cm. However it is normal to set that pressure higher than 4 cm because 4 cm can feel suffocating to most when they are trying to go to sleep. A more normal ramp start pressure would be 7 cm. But it cannot be set higher than your minimum therapy pressure. If you look at this video it will show you how to get into the setup menu to check your settings.

AirSense 10 video

Just scroll down to the Comfort section. I would set as follows:

Ramp Time: Auto Start Pressure: 7 cm (or your minimum pressure if it is lower, or a lower number if you really want that much less air) EPR: On EPR Type: Ramp Only EPR Level: 3

Now if you find your Ramp Start pressure is set to 4 cm, but it still goes higher at start up and the ramp is on, then that could be a fault in the unit.

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