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best mask for fit

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randi +1 point · over 2 years ago Original Poster

I haven't posted in awhile. Brief history: my husband who is 69 years old was diagnosed over years ago with obstructive and central sleep apnea. He was having 93 episodes an hour. After some trial and error he was put on an ASV machine. His episodes were usually down under 7 until recently. Now they are back up to a range of 14 to 19 AHI. Sometimes it correlates to a bad mask seal . He hasn't changed masks. He started at 226 pounds and has dropped to 210. At 6 foot He could stand to lose another 20 pounds but I'm thinking that isn't the cause of increasing episodes. He is on the Resmed full face mask. Has anyone had experience with a better fitting mask. I am looking for recommendations.

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PutSleepApneatoBed +0 points · over 2 years ago Sleep Commentator

I had more success with a nasal mask (not too minimalist) combined with a chin strap. However, I needed the chin strap only in the beginning. After a while, I was able to keep my mouth shut while sleeping, so no mouth leaks…..it’s usually easier to get a good seal wit a nasal mask because there are fewer points of contact and facial contours to be accommodated. BTW, it’s not clear that PAP treatment alone will result in weight loss. In fact, the contrary may be true.

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Sierra +0 points · over 2 years ago Sleep Patron

When pressures get higher it can be hard to get a mask to seal. I tried using a ResMed F20 full face mask and could not make it comfortable and still seal. Gave up on it. The best two masks I have tried is my original P10 AirFit nasal pillow mask, and the F&P Brevida nasal pillow style. I continue to use the P10 and my wife now uses the Brevida. There are a number of newer masks that have come out since but I have not tried them. Your husband should see your sleep specialist to look at the data on the SD card and try figure out what is going on. AHI nearing 20 is not good. ASV machines are complex to set up, and it sounds like some attention is needed to the setup of this one.

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