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best travel cpap with battery

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dreamdoc +0 points · over 7 years ago Original Poster

Any recommendations on the best travel cpap with battery?

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wiredgeorge +0 points · over 7 years ago Sleep Enthusiast

Not sure how many battery powered CPAP machines are on the market; have never heard of one. To resolve the issue of using a CPAP on battery machine, ResMed, who sells my Air Sense 10 (I think that is what it is) sells a battery pack to plug the machine into when traveling if there is no AC available; as in camping I guess.

The battery pack seems a bit on the pricey side... saw a couple on Amazon for $329. I think I will do my camping in a Motel 6... You could also research more universal rechargeable power sources; these seem to vary widely in price but you could check to see how many hours of electricity they provide for the amount of power used by your CPAP machine and perhaps one of these would be more cost effective if it has enough power to run all night. You could then take it somewhere and recharge if that situation is practical for you.

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DanM +0 points · over 7 years ago Sleep Enthusiast Support Team

Hi dreamdoc. I have no personal experience with it, but I have heard good things about the HDM Z1 travel machine. The issue with some of the smaller travel machines is that there is no humidifier as part of the unit, but a freestanding humidifier can be added. Some use an HME (heat/moisture exchanger) to provide humidification. I have tried CPAP with an HME for humidification, and it was not too bad. Hope this helps!

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