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BiPAP Moving Mask In & Out

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MarkyMarc +0 points · over 1 year ago Original Poster

I am new to BiPAP therapy. I am having difficulty using my new Phillips Dreamstation Auto with the F&P Simplus Mask.

When the BiPAP machine reduces the pressure for exhalation, the mask moves in and out - no matter how tight I have it. It flexes in the silicone seal. This movement makes it impossible for me to get to sleep.

Has anyone run into this problem? I'm desperate for help.

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Sierra +0 points · over 1 year ago Sleep Patron

Yes, I have experienced that with a full face mask and a higher pressure. I also found the mask would move and lose seal. I eventually went to a fixed pressure with no pressure relief. That reduced pressure for me. If you really need the bipap pressure differential that won't work for you though. I also went to a nasal pillow mask that seals on a much smaller area.

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