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Bloating, gas and indigestion

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DiplomaticNavyBlueWolf7146 +0 points · over 7 years ago Original Poster

I just started on my RESMED ASV, now my first night went well, but I had a 70% mask leak, so I had a new mask and now I have a great seal but, I have extreme BLOATING and GAS along with INDIGESTION, I suffer from Gastritis and esphogatus and I can't afford to have those flare ups, what in the world is going on with this? I expected a little bit of gas and bloacting, but this is extreme. I've read othera on this forum about this, but the indegestion is really bothering me too. I can't get any rest with this going on. There must be a fix to this.

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ConscientiousBabyBlueHeron9952 +0 points · over 7 years ago

Your pressure is too high.

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