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Breaking my dental devices

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Snoreasaurus +0 points · about 4 years ago Original Poster

I have OSA moderate+. I went untreated for years, my first sleep study was 4 years ago. I was fitted with 5 different masks and resmed during my sleep study. They said I fell asleep on the 5th one, I dont think I ever slept. I took it home tried it for 3 days and quit each night around 3 am.

Found out about dental devices and have been using a dynaflex for the last 3 yrs.. Works great, I love life when I wear it. I have 2 devices and I am breaking them. I am a grinder. I have woken up with parts in my mouth 3 times. I believe these are some sort of resin/ hard plastic, but no match for me. the company has repaired 3 times and the kind doctor hasnt charged me yet. The breakage is occuring on the wings and in the back the adjustible areas are just weakened and stressed by my grinding/ superhuman jaw strength, it seems.

The fix seems to me: A) A stronger material. Nylon seems like it would be better or fairly indestructible. B) Having the entire adjustible section replaced by a solid non movable piece.

Are there any devices that work better for people like me?

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SleepDent +0 points · about 4 years ago Sleep Commentator

I am a dentist working in dental sleep medicine. Unfortunately, there are a few people capable of exerting tremendous clenching and grinding forces with their teeth. I have one patient in my practice like that who has, so far, been able to destroy every device that I have placed in her mouth in short order. However, there may be some hope for you. The Dynaflex is one of a group of dorsal fin design OSA appliances. When you say that you have repeatedly broken off the fins, this indicates to me that you may be a severe lateral or side to side grinder. Dorsal fin appliances can only allow a very limited degree of lateral movement and may not accommodate your habit. Two appliances that can accommodate side to side grinding are the DreamTap and the EMA appliance with the flexible white straps. There is one other appliance, the Luco Hybrid, that is very stoutly made and specifically designed to hold up to severe bruxing. It was originated in Canada and is in limited distribution in the USA. This would probably be your best bet if you could find a dentist who is actually aware of it. You may also need to reduce your overall clenching habit by wearing a daytime clenching suppression appliance like the N.T.I. and getting physical or massage therapy to reduce the level of tension in your head and neck muscles. Since I have not examined you, consider these suggestions as possible topics for discussion between you and you health care providers and not as unsolicited medical advice. Arthur B. Luisi, Jr., D.M.D., The Naples Center For Dental Sleep Medicine.

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