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breathing problems

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gorgeliban +0 points · about 2 years ago Original Poster

Hi, I am the only one who had breathing problems during the day as a result of using the cipap in the night, what happens to me is that after I wake up the body is normal that the cipap ventilate him and then it is weird for him to breathe alone and as a result i feel that if i dont breath the body not breath as well and the body just Takes small breaths to not suffocate, but not ordinary breaths

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Sierra +0 points · about 2 years ago Sleep Patron

I have used a CPAP for about 4 years now, and I have noticed any impact on how I breathe during the day.

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SeaLady +0 points · about 2 years ago

My CPAP machine has caused fluid retention and breathing problems, I turned down my air pressure it was on 13 originally and now I am down to 8.8 and it seems to help, I am in France so not sure if the numbers are the same in other countries.

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