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Can sleep apnea cause bizarre symptoms?

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bethyrosie +0 points · over 6 years ago Original Poster

My doctor is pretty sure I have sleep apnea. I can barely sleep because I wake up not breathing and my pulse ox that I own says my oxygen is in the 60s. If I sit up and breath deeply I can get it back to 99. I'm 22 years old, and my father has sleep apnea.

Anyways, since it has gotten worse, during the day I have weakness, and I get the feeling of unrealness. My bones feel light, and I get lightheaded and spaced out. I get weak and feel like I might slip away and die. I know the daytime sleepiness is normal. I've been to the hospital countless times and have done blood test and CTs and have found nothing. I think my asthma is also being bothered by it.

Is this normal for untreated sleep apnea? I have had symptoms since middle school, but I never did anything about it because it wasn't as bad as my dads. I didn't know it got worse as it went. Regretting it now.

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WarmheartedLazyHummingBird +0 points · over 6 years ago

Absolutely... as your sleep deprivation builds over time and your brain cannot refresh....it can influence anything the brain is remotely involved in.

I was just diagnosed....mild...but am petite with a small airway. My doctor said I've probably had this since I was a child. People still joke and laugh about snoring. But now we Know that snoring is never good and should never be left untreated.

Go have a test. Search for "sleep deprivation" and see if you recognize some of them in you.

The center I did my sleep exam said 50% of their patients are children. I have been tired for 50 years. I would sleep for 10-12 hours but still be tires when I woke up. I am hopeful this will be the missing piece.

Don't wait like I did and suffer for another 30 years.

Breathe Deep!

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IntrospectiveScot +0 points · over 6 years ago

Hi, bethyrosie, I am very much further down life's pathway than you but I have had similar symptoms - suddenly waking up feeling spaced out and slightly panicky is how I would describe it. I quickly realised that it was due to abnormaly low blood pressure. This is easily diagnosed if you have a blood pressure monitor and they are inexpensive these days. Strangely I found that getting out of bed and walking about cleared it instantly however it was a precursor to paroxysmal atrial fibrillation (AF) which has blighted the last 17 years of my life. The AF forced me to sleep on my back and only now am I looking into sleep apnoea treatment to see if it will give me a better sleep pattern by stopping me snoring. Another precusor was that my pulse would slow down into the low 50s then suddenly go into the 90s + i.e. AF. You should be too young to have this but it is easily checked with the BP monitor if you use it when the sensation occurs. (your BP may be normal at all other times). Big Al

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