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Chest/Heart pain - serious?

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ThoughtfulPrussianBlueSquirrel2038 +0 points · almost 5 years ago Original Poster

I may start off by saying that I have anxiety so this may be unrelated to a serious pain. I have chronic sinusitis or a constantly blocked nose and am taking a form of spray I am really only supposed to be taking for 7 days but have done so for about a year now and I am hoping to fix this. Often, in the mornings I gradually and slowly wake up due to the blockage and this means I am rarely well rested but occasionally I get what I believe is apnea. I am in a half concious state, unable to breathe at all but take gasps occasionally from my mouth. I can't tell but it is most likely my nose is blocked when this happens. After a period of time that feels like forever I can breathe again to great relief. This happens perhaps once a week (when it is bad or memorable) but sometimes happens multiple times in a night. What is particularly worrying is that sometimes I feel as if my chest (left side and so heart) feels like it is going to explode and burst. In a little burst I lose all of my breath, and it feels like I skip a breath or a heart beat and my heart feels as if it is going to implode. This may happen once or twice. In the day, sometimes before bed I get a bit of dull chest pain on my left side that makes it feel like my left armpit is sagging or something but it's not really that painful, and I do have anxiety but it happens when I am not anxious. Sometimes I also get sharp pain in both sides and I'm sure this is natural and is really nothing as it goes after a few seconds. I am a typically anxious person so I hope I am of exaggerating but after shrugging it off I am worried in case this is serious and if so, i have not taken action yet so I would like to do so before ot is too late. Thanks in advance.

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wiredgeorge +0 points · almost 5 years ago Sleep Enthusiast

Sounds like you are having a tough time. Only thing I think makes sense is to talk to a medical doctor about your medical issues. Asking non-pros for advice is probably not going to be as effective as finding the right doctor who can work with you to resolve all these symptoms you have been suffering with. Sleep apnea is only one of the issues that could be addressed so make sure your doctor is aware of the symptoms you describe that make you think you may have apnea. Good luck and if you do talk to the doctor and a sleep study is called for, let us know if the folks here can help answer questions with regard to that particular issue.

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DanM +0 points · almost 5 years ago Sleep Enthusiast Support Team

I agree with wiredgeorge. It is important to talk to your doctor about your symptoms. If you are concerned that you have sleep apnea, then asking your doctor about ordering a sleep study can certainly be part of the conversation. I do encourage you to see your physician as soon as possible to discuss the chest pain, as there might be other things that need more immediate attention. Best wishes, and please keep us posted on your progress!

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