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Could this be UARS and what is the best course of treatment??

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mastermistro +0 points · over 3 years ago Original Poster

For the last year or two I have had increasing levels of fatigue and brain fog and have exhausted just about every reason except Sleep Disorders.

So I recently did a sleep study that came back with an AHI of 6.6 (mild sleep apnea) but the test didn't record RERA'S and was told by the doc that this wasn't a big deal and I could try a cpap if I wanted but probably won't help too much. I then came across UARS and suspected it could be my because I realised about the same time that my symptoms started i have been pretty much constantly congested in my nose. Anyway I did a WatchPat study last night and have got the results attached and am wondering if they suggest UARS and what my move should be to start treating it if so?

Note that during the test i woke up at about 1 and couldn't get back to sleep until about 4 for some reason which doesn't normally happen, I think I was worrying about the test, but I think this doesn't skew the results as it says that my sleep time was only 5 and a half hours. Also 1.2% of REM sleep cant be good.


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Sierra +0 points · over 3 years ago Sleep Patron

I am not familiar with that particular study method you used, but it is indicating an AHI of 24 and an RDI (includes RERA) of 74. That is certainly higher than you got with the study which says 6.6 for AHI. My thoughts would be if there is an option to do a free trial of a CPAP is to try it and see if that improves things. The WatchPat study certainly indicated you may benefit from it.

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