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CPAP study results....

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bdwt +0 points · over 6 years ago Original Poster

CPAP study results.... (Long)..... Had a Cpap study done end of December. Doctor called me last Friday that she was going to recommend Cpap again... that Supplier would call me in a couple weeks. That was it:(

I went through this song and dance 5 years ago without any significant improvement. I decided this time that I’m going to be a lot more aggressive and pro active. I cantacted MDs office and asked for a copy of my results... then went online to learn how to make sense of the different parts and what the results meant.

What I learned.... 1) it took me 85 minutes to fall asleep even with a sleep aid... this is normal for me. 2). Out of 6 hours of bed time I slept for 3 hours, waking the first time after 20 minutes of sleep. 3) out of the 4 stages of sleep I had no 3rd stage and no REM sleep. 4). In the summary during the time that I was asleep I had no OA, CA,MA; I had 1 hypopnea that resulted in O2 of 88%. The rest of the time O2 sat was 95%. But in the detailed info with position the info was very different....no OA, CA,MA; 8 HYPs with AHI of 11; RDI of 19. Obviously something is waking me up but it’s not apneas. I’m confused!!!!! 5) EEG was abnormal due to arousals associated with sleep disordered breathing.

All of these results were during CPAP titration.

I realize that no medical opinions can be given but I’m really confused now about direction I should go. When I asked MD about the severe insomnia she said see what happens after CPAP use. All I know is that I’m having a really hard time functioning on very little sleep. Any other resources you can recommend????

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wiredgeorge +0 points · over 6 years ago Sleep Enthusiast

Just a rank amateur here... you wrote: "But in the detailed info with position the info was very different....no OA, CA,MA; 8 HYPs with AHI of 11; RDI of 19. "

What does detailed info with position mean? How can you have an AHI of 11 with no OA or CA? AHI means apnea events and OA an CA are apnea events. Something doesn't add up. Since you spoke with an "MD" and didn't get clear answers, I am guessing the MD is more used to treating measles and foot fungus and such rather than sleep disorder. If a person is a true expert, they could explain in a manner that made sense to you as you are obviously an intelligent person.

OK, my best guess on the insomnia is that is isn't fully related to sleep apnea. I am thinking the lack of REM sleep definitely is. Prior to therapy, I hovered in kind of a half-sleep and dreamed vividly and constantly. A further symptom was getting up every hour or two thinking I had to visit the bath room. I started therapy and have not gotten up once in years and don't really remember dreaming much. Your non REM sleep sounds pretty much the same. The 85 minutes to nodding off with a "sleep aid", sounds odd and that may be an insomnia related issue.

What type of doctor are you looking to for sleep disorder and insomnia help? Sounds like a specialist in this area might do the trick and if this doc you have IS a specialist, you may have the wrong doc.

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