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LOL +0 points · about 7 years ago Original Poster

I was diagnosed with severe sleep apnea in November 2016, got my machine and started using it at the end of December 2016. I downloaded sleepyhead software and used it to view the data. I have the resmed 10 auto sense machine. After two weeks, of use, the sleep doctor wanted the card sent to him for analysis. I am not sure if the problem I am having coincides with the memory card being removed and sent and returned. My machine seems to have decided to stop writing the detailed reports to the card on February 2nd 2017 on, there are no detailed graphs, only summary data. I looked for help in another forum to no avail as well as contacting the company that I bought the machine from. I have also used another memory card and it produces the same results. When using the resmed, rescan software, it produces the detailed files that rescan has but they are not as detailed as sleepyhead seems to be. I reformatted the memory card, reset the machine and haven't had any success. Has anyone had this issue and been able to resolve it?

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