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Dreamwear FFM, Stopping Leaks in middle of night help!!

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2bsubc +0 points · about 6 years ago Original Poster

Hello everyone, I am a new user to this world after being diagnosed and am now 6 days into my use with my machine and mask.

Some critical info; my machine is a Bipap ResMed AirCurve 10 VAuto and I was given a Dreamwear FFM. I am currently in a size medium frame and medium padding (good term?). My machine was set up for me when i picked it up from DME. I have it set to ramp to pressure over a 30 min time frame, my programmed pressures are 13/17 (cm h20).

So here's my problem: I am still not used to the wearing of the mask......it was fitted while i was sitting in a lounge chair at the DME's office in the middle of the day but in reality when i sleep i am suffering from leaks (flutters) around the bottom mouth areas (either left or right sides) as i am a side sleeper that moves in the night and changes sides. I have also observed that seal will lift if I take a little break on my back. The leaks are really predominant after the system ramps up to full pressure plus i have noticed that when I start to drift off I think my jaw kinda relaxes and i can only assume that this is contributing to the breaking of the mask seal.

The leaks wake me and are really annoying and it has only been getting worse since night #2. Thinking that the mask is too loose I broke down and tightened the lower straps Thursday night to secure/stop the leak and get a better seal but I am not sure that this worked as the software has now reported that the leak rate was above 40 L/min two nights in a row (no myAir points for me!!...lol).

I'm at a loss, I really want to like this Dreamwear FFM and i'm hoping that i can get some assistance with this? Any thoughts on how to better secure a seal that will allow me to sleep through the night?

Thank you!!

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