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Ear Pressure Problem

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CharmingPeachLocust7554 +0 points · over 7 years ago Original Poster

I have been a BPAP user for about 5 months. My air pressure varies from 14-22.

I have had a problem from the beginning in that I experience pressure in my ears. The pressure begins with the first swallow after applying the mask and starting the machine. It will decrease slightly through the night, but complete equalization does not occur until my first swallow after removing the mask in the morning. This has always been the case, even going back to my initial sleep study when they told me it was normal. I also sometimes hear a soft sound of air movement. Like air escaping from my ear.

My machine allows me to temporarily dial back the pressure to 7. I have tried this at start-up, but the problem occurs just as severely. I have tried medication (Nasacort with some Afrin added) before bed. This opened my sinuses right up, but did nothing to prevent the pressure from building.

Although it is annoying, I can live with this. My question is, am I at risk for something more serious or even permanent damage to my ears?


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drgene5105 +0 points · about 7 years ago

I am an audiologist. I experience a similar issue. I do not think that it can cause any serious problem. it may actually be a good thing, meaning that your Eustachian tube functions well and you are at low risk of any kind of middle ear problem.

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