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IntuitivePorpoise +0 points · over 5 years ago Original Poster

Hi all, after a few weeks of Bipap use I've noticed the following symptoms: edema, extreme muscle stiffness and joints in the morning, shortness of breath, and a low diastolic pressure. Before I started using the Bipap, I would wake with muscle stiffness (quads) and joints but attributed it to a lack of oxygen. I was surprised that with Bipap use it's even worse! Another member 'Sickntired' mentioned that upon waking her body automatically did some involuntary intense stretching that caused leg cramping. I've also had this problem! I had the impression it was my body wanting get the circulation going, who knows. I think what is causing the symptoms is the lowered diastolic pressure (systolic remains the same). I take my blood pressure whenever I don't feel "right", and the diastolic is always low - 40-50s. Anyone else experiencing this? Need any and all input. I'm considering discontinuing the Bipap therapy, but weighing the health risks of both options.

By the way, I don't have an issue with my blood pressure outside of the Bipap, it's not too high nor low.

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Sierra +0 points · over 5 years ago Sleep Patron

Something to discuss with your GP. Apnea treatment can reduce blood pressure, but 50 is a bit low.

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