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eyes swelling

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suzantique +0 points · over 8 years ago Original Poster

I just started using my cpap machine this week. First night went great altho the headgear was a little unwieldy. 2nd morning I woke to swelling under my eyes. 3rd morning, swelling under my eyes as well as eye lids. My left eye, the side I sleep on was almost swelled shut. My stepson (who uses cpap also) suggested that I had the straps to tight, so I loosened them till I almost couldn't keep it on without air leaks.

Help. I cant get up every morning to this. Its a weekend and I cant contact anyone till Monday.

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DanM +1 point · over 8 years ago Sleep Enthusiast Support Team

Hi @suzantique. I recommend you contact your home care company and/or physician to talk about the swelling. My first thought is there may be air leaking and blowing into your eyes. Air blowing into the eyes and tear ducts even during sleep can cause some problems. The other thing may be to talk about whether you are having an allergic reaction to materials used in the mask or head gear. Please let us know how you progress, and I hope you are improving!

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