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filter that toched water

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gorgeliban +0 points · almost 2 years ago Original Poster

Hi, I put the cippap and dehumidifier on the bed in the morning and accidentally spilled water from the dehumidifier on the bed, without noticing and I only discovered it after a few hours. Luckily the device was not plugged in and even though the water touched it looked fine but I think the water touched the filter and I wanted to know if it is ok to use the filter even though I think it should not be washed (white filter of resmed 10 ( its a white and tiny filter

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Sierra +0 points · almost 2 years ago Sleep Patron

If you mean the white air inlet filter on the ResMed machine I think it will be fine. I have washed my filter. Of more concern would be the machine and the electronics inside. Also make sure there is no residual water in the hose, or it will gurgle when you use it.

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