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First time on CPAP last night. Feel like I can't exhale

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vortex4me +0 points · about 7 years ago Original Poster

It was my first time using the AirSense 10 last night. I have two masks...nasal pillows and a full face. The problem with the nasal pillows is...I felt fine breathing in, but felt like I couldn't get enough air out and felt like it was being blocked or limited. I switched to the full face...it was better, but still felt like I couldn't exhale normally. Any thoughts?


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barbz +0 points · about 7 years ago

Is your machine a straight CPAP or an APAP? I know I have that problem also. It was because I have weak exhalation. Perhaps getting a pulmonary function test could verify if this is your issue. I found that having an APAP made it easier as it has two pressures. One that works for inhalation (IPAP) and one for exhalation (EPAP). The exhalation pressure is put lower. As you found out, the full face was easier.

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wiredgeorge +0 points · about 7 years ago Sleep Enthusiast

I believe the Airsense 10 is also a Bipap and many folks who require higher pressures get this machine as the Bipap mode goes up to 25 on the inhale. Mine is set 25/21. I bought a mask that was essentially a nasal mask but couldn't exhale as the holes are too darn small. The mask filled with water and I felt like I was drowning and struggled to breathe. Some time I am going out to the shop and see if I can open the holes up and use the mask as I paid on my dime anyway.

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