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fl runs+ breathing problems

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gorgeliban +0 points · about 2 years ago Original Poster

hii, i look on the analyze, and i see that i have like 2 apnea evants per hour but 8 fl runs events per hour somone know what is fl runs, and know if its damege and doungers, and if it can do breathing ptoblem during the day(what i have exept the sleep apnea)

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Sierra +0 points · about 2 years ago Sleep Patron

What specific machine do you have? About all I can think of is that FL is a flow limitation. In general they are not as serious as a full apnea event, and they do not factor into the overall total apnea index or AHI. Also in general a CPAP can help with breathing issues when they are being used at night, but do not contribute directly to assisting with breathing issues when they are not being used.

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