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Gel mask sealer

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kemosabi49 +0 points · 22 days ago Original Poster

Since I started using a machine over a year ago I have had on;y a few nights where I didn't struggle with major leaks as the pressure ramps up. I've been told about a product that applies to the mask that seals the mask to your face. Has anyone ever tried this product? Comes in a tube like silicone. it is called: "CPAPgel Mask Sealer"

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Sierra +0 points · 22 days ago Sleep Innovater

Can't say I have heard of it. I do recall that when ResMed was developing the first CPAP machine, they used glue to attach the masks to the faces of volunteers.

Have not personally used them, but some report good results when using thin cotton mask liners, which you can buy, or make yourself from t-shirt material.

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