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Hard to wake up?

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flackattack93 +0 points · about 1 year ago Original Poster

So I have been using my CPAP for 6 months now. I am feeling better overall since using it, however it is SOOOOOO hard to wake up in the morning. This is even if I get a good score on myair app. I can get a 100% and still barely woke up on time for work. I have to set multiple alarms to wake up. Once I do get up thought I feel fine. I am use to having trouble waking up, but this feels worse than when I don't use the machine. Any help/suggestions would be MUCH appreciated!

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Sierra +0 points · about 1 year ago Sleep Patron

About all I can think of is targeting the right amount of sleep each night. My understanding is that for adults the recommended sleep time is 7.5 hours, with a range of 7 to 8 hours. And for an off the wall thought, you may want to drink a large quantity of water just before bedtime. At least for me the need to go is what wakes me up in the morning. I'm retired and don't use an alarm...

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