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Have you ever felt "vibrating" of your whole body while sleeping?

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singingkeys +0 points · 11 months ago Original Poster Sleep Commentator

When I wake up and feel my body vibrating, my brain is awake and aware of what is going on. My body is still sleeping. I don't feel unable to move like people with sleep paralysis (I've read vibrating is a symptom of exhaustion and sleep paralysis). No paranoia about the room or anything. My body is just "vibrating" inside and out in a rhythmic pattern almost like a heartbeat. When I do start physically moving around, that's when the heart rate surges upward and feels weird. I do hear sounds sometimes when drifting off to sleep and I'll nod off sometimes on the way home from work on the bus and jump awake with a single and very violent hypnogogic jerk every minute or two because I can't hold my eyes open.

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