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Hearing Loss and Sleep Apnea- A new link?

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SusanR +0 points · over 8 years ago Original Poster Sleep Commentator Researcher

Did you ever wonder if sleep apnea or snoring affects your hearing? Dr. Chopra and PEP member Mark Hanson teamed up to discuss recent research from the Hispanic Community Health Study on this topic. Let us know what you think of the question, study results, and how we can better understand the link between hearing loss and sleep apnea.

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bankseystheory +0 points · over 7 years ago

Morning Susan 

I've contacted you a number of times over the years regarding your research in sleep apnea.

On your site, Myapnea.org, you have a link to recent research concerning hearing impairment and sleep Apnea. From the research it shows a correlation between OSA and hearing issues, but due to the research and the age group it doesn't confirm if the apnea caused the impairment.

If the research was focused on families with a history of OSA, and directly focusing on families with the following traits: large tonsils, ananoids,  or small jaw. And then focusing on normal body weight, and working and living in a heathy environment. Then the research would be more helpful in identifying whether obstructive sleep apnea does cause hearing issues.

Do you believe that sleep apnea can cause hearing issues, and if so, can hearing improve over time once the apnea is resolved?

I would very much like your thought on this



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