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HELP--Apnea and Insomnia

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AffectionateSpringGreenCheetah8414 +0 points · almost 7 years ago Original Poster

My mom (70) refused to use the RESMED APAP for last few days, since she is very bad at falling into sleep. She is currently taking Generic Zoloft for 2 and half months, and I don't want to give her any more sleeping pills such as Alprazolam (she has been taking the min amount for a while). She did some small exercise like walk or small workout at home. But she just not able to fall in sleep, especially when wearing the mask. When she did, she take off the mask like 2-3 am, wearing for 3-4 hours nightly. She is low income and no qualified insurance, also CBT not sure an option since she can't speak English. I planned to take her to visit the county's health system clinic Primary Doctor next month. Meanwhile how am i able to let her continue using the machine? Please share with me your suggestion. thank you all.

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