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Help Reducing Central Events with APAP

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hobodestroyer +0 points · about 1 year ago Original Poster

Hello all! I was diagnosed with mild sleep apnea a while ago, my untreated AHI was 5, made up of only OSA events. I've gone through MAD treatment, which was unsuccessful alone. I've ended up on a ResMed Airsense 10 APAP along with my MAD, and am having trouble with CA events. My doctor initially set the machine at 4 - 20 with no EPR, but I was having lots of CA events and no OSA events with a higher AHI than my study so I reduced my pressure as much as I could without OSA events, which left me at 4 fixed. At this pressure, I'm still having issues with CA events most nights, though I have had one night at 0 AHI. Even at 2 AHI I feel exhausted in the morning, and can sleep for 12 hours at a time and still feel the same, yet at 0 I felt great for the first time in years. My doctor considers me treated because of my low AHI so I'm looking to y'all for help getting rid of the last few issues. I've included a few OSCAR screenshots which hopefully will help. For context, at 5 AHI I was dizzy and confused constantly and unable to drive safely. If this isn't enough, I should be able to get a pulse oximeter to provide more data. Thanks in advance!

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Sierra +0 points · about 1 year ago Sleep Patron

Unfortunately CA events are not effectively treated with air pressure because the airway is already open. There are special machines called ASVs which are made to force breathing when it does not happen naturally. You may need an ASV like the AirCurve 10 ASV. What you may want to do is zoom in some of those periods of time when you are having multiple CA events to see if they look anything like the flow graphs in that ASV document.

With an APAP AirSense 10 about all you can do is reduce pressure as much as possible without causing excessive OA events. It looks like you have already done that.

CA events sometimes can be caused by other cardiovascular issues or some medications. You could see a cardiologist if that may be an potential problem.

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