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Help with Innovation in Sleep Apnea

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hanconforti +0 points · 8 months ago Original Poster

I am a JD-MBA at Northwestern University, currently working on developing a more user-friendly treatment option for patients with obstructive sleep apnea. We have been speaking with patients about their experience with OSA, specifically their experience with CPAP. If anyone might be willing to speak with my team members and me for ~10 minutes, we would greatly appreciate it! Thank you very much!

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Sierra +0 points · 8 months ago Sleep Patron

If you post your questions here, I would be willing to try and answer them.

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Sherry +0 points · 7 months ago Sleep Commentator

I would be willing to share my experience. You can also find my story at www.apneapartners.org under Patient Testimonials.

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