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How soon to get benefits

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IntuitiveSilverParrot4716 +0 points · almost 7 years ago Original Poster

Have used crap two nites ,still wake up several times,and am tired the next day,diagnosed with severe osa,with the first test at 40 times per hour,the first nite I had 3 episodes,the 2nd nite 17,still tired the next day,I thought cpap prevented apnea.How soon do improvements take.Thanks

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SleepDent +1 point · almost 7 years ago Sleep Commentator

I am a dentist working in dental sleep medicine. Unfortunately, it could take a significant amount of time before you get pay-back in terms of feeling better. Severe sleep apnea causes very significant damage to many systems in your body and that damage usually has to be repaired BEFORE you start to feel better. However, each person does differ. A few patients, maybe five percent, do feel better right away. I think that the average person probably needs about two weeks before there is ANY sense of improvement and that sense will be slight. After a month you may definitely feel better, but nowhere near where you want to be. After two months, better. After three months, yippee!. But it could be much longer than even that average. The improvement tends to be uneven, two steps forward, one step back. You could have a few good nights, then one bad one, but the trajectory will be gradually upward. You need to be patient. Good luck to you, Arthur B. Luisi, Jr., D.M.D.

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