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How to tell if my Aircurve 10 s is dying out?

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Cactus11 +0 points · over 4 years ago Original Poster

Hey guys,

I started my therapy about 4 years ago and i've had decent success. I was suggested by my sleep clinic to start at a certain pressure but I soon found that i was better able to control the AHI by setting my own settings. I work in an ICU and am decently familiar with bipap settings so I felt comfortable, though the machines I use in a hospital are different to a degree. My settings for the last year or so have been basically IPAP 22, EPAP 16. I usually get an AHI of less than 2, which seems to be the sweet spot for me feeling my best. However, lately I have been getting some higher AHI days and im not sure if they're just flukes or if something is up with my machine. Ive lost about 60 lbs on low carb since I started the treatment awhile ago, so i dont think any new weight changes are doing anything. I listed my statistics page below.. I just found this forum and found out about sleepy head. I was debating on getting a new machine with my new insurance. Price is not really an issue, I just want the best one I could get basically. Anyone have any thoughts on if I need one or what other data i can provide to help assess? THanks

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