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I cant sleep

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LEGoode +0 points · over 7 years ago Original Poster

What can be done about dry mouth for bipap user that only gets 2 hours of sleep before dry mouth wakes me up.? What incentive do I have to put that mask back on when I have just had the equivalent of a 2 hour nap? usually the routine is, up for 2 hours playing cards or watching TV, then fall asleep in your chair for 2-3 hours with out the mask. My machine was replaced with a newer one with a higher humidity level but to no avail. I'm on a lot of meds because HBP and Heart Disease and I'm sure these meds are a big reason for the dry mouth but the meds are critical. Where too from here??

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wiredgeorge +0 points · over 7 years ago Sleep Enthusiast

LEGoode, I am not a medical professional so I won't comment on the meds you may be taking as I don't know what I could say. That is best discussed with your physician.

As far as WHY you have dry mouth, you haven't mentioned how long you have been on therapy or what type mask you have. There are several tips a non-pro like myself can offer. Most common reason for dry mouth, also linked to the water in your machine's reservoir running out quickly is an open mouth while sleeping. The first step here is a full face mask. Since you didn't mention your L/min (leak rate), won't bother giving any more suggestions as far as leaks go but I have battled those since I started therapy.

Things that can aid dry mouth are a room humidifier, a supply hose warmer, using XyliMelts lozenges (found they are the only effective ones) and using Biotene oral rinse (made for dry mouth). The mouth rinse pretty much only helps when I get up I guess but it does help.

I won't attempt to try and talk you into using your Bipap machine when you sleep; that is up to you. Low O2 levels caused by sleep apnea do negatively effect the organs and chief is the brain and heart as I understand it. A medical pro can correct me if I am wrong. Seems like therapy is a good idea if you have medical issues in those areas. That would be an incentive for me. Have you self monitored your sleeping O2 blood saturation levels? Anyway, best of luck and hope you can get your issues figured out.

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