Forum · I have experienced "bruits" on many occasions. Does this affect you and do you feel that it is related to your sleep apnea?

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[-] mobecks0823 +0 points · over 1 year ago

I sometimes hear the blood rushing in my ear, a regular heartbeat, whoosh, whoosh, whoosh sound. This must come from the jugular vein which is near the ear. Does anyone else have this? My doctor says that it is not normal to hear this.

Here is the definition of bruit:

A sound heard over an artery or vascular channel, reflecting turbulence of flow. Most commonly, a bruit is caused by abnormal narrowing of an artery. Listening for a bruit in the neck with a stethoscope is a simple way to screen for narrowing (stenosis) of the carotid artery, which can be a result of cholesterol plaque accumulation.

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