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HonestCarmineCattle2572 +0 points · over 4 years ago Original Poster

I sometimes suffer from indigestion type symptoms and bloating which do not respond to antacids or the usual remedies. I am wondering if it might be caused by swallowing air with CPAP. Does anyone have similar symptoms . Is there a remedy or is just a side effect that one has to live with?

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4variety +1 point · over 4 years ago

Hi there,

when do you typically experience indigestion? Too high of a CPAP pressure can cause you to swallow air essentially, which makes its way into your stomach and the remainder of your gastrointestinal track. They even have an official name for this: aerophagia. A significant number of people experience this due to using CPAP. I myself have experienced it when I use pressures that are higher than I need. When I lower pressure, it goes away.

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