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Inspire feedback

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SleepyDave +0 points · 26 days ago Original Poster

I had my inspire device installed 2/4/2020 (easy surgery, quick recovery), and activated 3/4/2020. I've been ramping up my settings, and i know each of our settings are different, but i have rapidly increased from 1 to 7 in the first week. Sadly i have not seen any benefit, and if anything, i think i feel worse. I have been tolerating it at least - sleeping (well apnea sleeping) through the night.

I'm going to keep increasing to level 10, and pray it starts working. Then maybe ask them to increase my settings.

I'm interested in other people's experiences, if you'd like to share. Worried this will not work for me after all this time and effort to get the surgery. My insurance covered it fully, so at least i'm not paying for it financially.


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Sherry +0 points · 6 days ago Sleep Commentator

I am curious if your situation with your Inspire Device has improved? I have known about Inspire for sometime. I think it may be a good direction for my son but have been anxiously awaiting feedback.

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