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Inspire Implant Spamming Apnea Forums

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CyrusManz +0 points · about 2 years ago Original Poster

Since the FDA approved INSPIRE earlier in May this year( only to be used in patients with "SEVERE" OBSTRUCTIVE Apnea and ONLY on a selected few meeting FDA's stringent requirements), this company has hired an army of online shills to pretty much SPAM any and all online forums that deal with sleep apnea, promoting the Inspire procedure under FAKE profiles that claim they have had the procedure done successfully and without issues . This is a dishonest marketing campaign that lures people by essentially LYING to them.

If you are considering to have this $30,000 procedure done, you should search for people who have had a negative experience after installing this shock therapy that zaps the nerve on the back of their tongue, whenever OSA occurs. Some even complain about how hideous the wiring which running across under their skin, on the side of their neck and under their chin, looks while others complain that the system is not only painful but it also doesn't even work.

Do your research properly before you burn a hole in your pocket, or your insurance claim history.

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PutSleepApneatoBed +0 points · about 2 years ago Sleep Commentator

I’ve seen a lot of negative reviews out there, too. It’s a little scary. There is an FDA Board involved in oversight of medical devices and given the proliferation of devices in the sleep field, we should make an effort to get one or more knowledgeable sleep patients on that Board.

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