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Is this typical for person's with Sleep Apnea?

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NoSleepForMe +0 points · almost 6 years ago Original Poster


I am completely new to this forum. I don't want to give an overload intro, but I am 31 yr old male , 6 feet , 300lbs (semi-athletic build, believe it or not), and I suffer from a particularly concerning set of symptoms which have been thus far treated as "Sleep Apnea". What happens to me is that I wake up violently out of sleep with one arm completely numb and my whole head feeling as if it has been deprived of blood flow. Blood pressure at that point (within 15 or 20 seconds) usually 180/100, and my normal is 120/60. My night time heart rate is 40, sometimes a tad less. My inner instincts have told me that I am suffering from something more than merely just obstructed air ways, since even with my APAP (which records only 2 apnea events per hour) I am suffering from the same symptoms. These instincts feel a lack of blood circulation to primary areas of my body, mainly on the left side (Arm, Leg, Stomach, neck, and head). I have an at-tome pulsometer which records my Oxygen level going to 90% during the time of symptoms.

Has anyone experienced this?

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wiredgeorge +0 points · almost 6 years ago Sleep Enthusiast

Those are not sleep apnea symptoms near as I can tell. Sounds like you may have sleep apnea and it is being treated pretty successfully but something else is going on. Have you discussed this with your doc? Blood O2 going down to 90 isn't a good thing but not all that terrible. I would think that your doc would want to hook you up to an electro cardiogram machine and check things or get you with a specialist.

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