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Just something funny happened

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BoneChocolate +0 points · almost 5 years ago Original Poster

Brand new with my CPAP machine. It is a AirSense 10. The first night i slept very well. Very vivid dreams. I hadn't had dreams like that in a long while. It seem like i dreamed the whole night. It took me some time to get used to the pressure but after a while i fell off to sleep. I used it the second night and i slept for 5 hours but it only record data for about an hour. When i woke up the machine was still going so not sure what happened there. We will try again tonight.

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Sierra +0 points · almost 5 years ago Sleep Patron

If it is an auto or Elite machine it will be recording detailed data on the SD card in the machine. If you download SleepyHead and have a Mac or PC and a SD card reader you can display all the detailed results. It is very helpful in troubleshooting what is going on. It is also very helpful in monitoring how you are responding to treatment and if there are any adjustments that might be helpful.

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