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LASIK Eye Surgery..

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mathewstok85 +0 points · over 2 years ago Original Poster


I've been using glasses from childhood as I have a blurry vision of faraway objects. As I graduated, I took off my glasses and started wearing contacts. But daily using contacts is not at all comfortable for me. But I cannot wear glasses too as I believe I look good without glasses. So I searched for a permanent solution and heard about LASIK surgery. I want to do this but am concerned about the success of the surgery. Could someone please drop your experience related to this, if any?

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Sierra +0 points · over 2 years ago Sleep Patron

I recently had cataract surgery where an artificial lens is put in place of the natural lens in the eye. For the first time in my life I am essentially eyeglasses free 95% of the time. That said, I would strongly discourage undergoing this type of surgery for someone just wanting to go without glasses. The natural lens and eye is far more efficient at using light, adjusting for distance, and seeing well at night. Some people do it and some surgeons offer it, but I would strongly discourage going that way.

The surgery I had did not correct for astigmatism, and now I am investigating the use of Lasik to correct the astigmatism in one eye. I think it is a safe and reasonably reliable procedure. There are three types that I am aware of; Lasik, PRK, SMILE. Each has pros and cons. The major con of the Lasik is that a layer of your cornea is cut to create a flap which folded back to allow the laser surgery on the layer below. Then the flap is folded back into place. It heals but never fully. Lasik is not recommended for those involved in contact sports as rough contact with the eye can dislodge the flap. PRK which is done without a flap is usually used. Some doing Lasik use a knife to cut the flap, while others use a different laser which is said to be more accurate. Surgeon experience is a big factor, so I would shop for the most experienced surgeon with the very best equipment. Don't choose based on price and wait time.

And the last thing to consider is a future cataract surgery. Almost everyone needs it at some point. The scars and irregular shaped cornea left by Lasik make it more difficult to measure the eye topography to calculate the IOL power you need for lens replacement. It may be worthwhile to consult with a cataract surgeon first to get their recommendations on laser surgery. They may have some suggestions as to what type is easiest to deal with when it comes time to do cataract surgery. Getting the power correct with cataract surgery is much more difficult that getting it correct with eyeglasses or contacts. It is a one shot deal. You get it right or you don't.

When I had cataract surgery in one eye, but not the other I found using a contact in the non operated eye was best. I tried out about 6 different types of contacts. I found big differences in the comfort level of different contacts. For me the Costco Daily lenses were the most comfortable. They are CooperVision daily lenses. Not all contacts feel the same in the eye. My second best feeling contact was the Alcon Total 1. Costco is very good about letting you do free trials with all the lenses they carry.

Hope that helps some,

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