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Mandibular Advancement Device and Health Insurance Coverage

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Que +0 points · almost 9 years ago Original Poster


I'm wondering if health insurance typically covers a Mandibular Advancement Device? Does anyone know?


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SusanR +0 points · almost 9 years ago Sleep Commentator Researcher

Unfortunately, it depends on your insurance.

The criteria vary by company, but here is a list of criteria I found for one insurance company:
Have mild or moderate sleep apnea . Prefer not to use or who have failed CPAP treatment. Had surgery that did not work. Tried behavioral changes that did not work. Are at a healthy weight.

I am aware that some other insurance plans require that you "fail" CPAP before approving a mandibular advancement device. Also, most plans specify that the device you use is customized and titrated to meet your needs.

Generally, a sleep physician can refer you to a qualified dentist who then will evaluate you for this therapy. You can ask your doctor's office (or the dentist they work with) to check on what your insurance will cover.

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Somno7 +0 points · almost 9 years ago

I can help with connecting you to a qualified dentist that will check your benefits before you come into the office. A lot of offices don't deal with medical insurance, always ask before you visit their office.

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QuietCoralDogfish9319 +0 points · almost 9 years ago

also you can go to the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine and put in your zipcode and get a list of all AADSM certified dentists who are dental sleep medicine trained.

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