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[-] AmiableLilacAardvark1624 +1 point · over 1 year ago

My husbands mask is so loud I can hear it down the hall and that is why I am down the hall in the other bedroom. We have tried everything tighten or loosening it. He has a beard and that may be the problem but I cant stand it and I dont think he is getting the therapy that he needs. He has been on a cpap since 2004 but lately it has gotten out of control with the noise. It sounds like a trumpet sometimes and then I think the machine sends more pressure and it gets even louder. The DME doesn't seem to be able to be much help. I worked in a hospital and I saw this alot with other people and noisy masks. I am at my wits end. He sleeps right through it.

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[-] Sleep +1 point · over 1 year ago

I would suggest you try downloading a software program such as SleepyHead or another program based off of the type of machine he has to help track his CPAP use. You can view info on leaks, any respiratory events he is having, pressure, etc. See what his leaks are, is his AHI low? Based off software results you may need to have a discussion with the DME or his doctor.

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[-] DanM +0 points · over 1 year ago Sleep Enthusiast

I agree with @Sleep that downloading and reviewing the data may be helpful. The DME provider should also be able to do this to determine if he is getting the treatment he needs. I replied to you in another post about possible mask fit issues and potential solutions. Best wishes! The sounds these masks can make can sometimes be as bad as snoring. Hopefully, you will be able to find a solution.

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[-] wiredgeorge +1 point · over 1 year ago Sleep Enthusiast

One more thing that can cause the mask noise (I am pretty much an expert on this issue hehe)... make sure the filter on the machine is clean. If the machine is trying to draw in air and the filter is plugged (who knew?), the machine will cause a racket at the mask and the seal with the water reservoir. The water reservoir on my machine also sometimes needs to be tapped while in place as it doesn't seem to be sealed all that well when noises occur. The last place noises can come from is the mask. I could NEVER get my mask to seal well enough to stop making disgusting noises until I started using mask pads. I use Resmed (comes with machine) software which complains that my mask seal is terrible but it actually isn't as my stop-breathing incidents are generally almost nil. Check back in over time and let us know if any of the suggestions worked at all.

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