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Mask Type Suggestions

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CourteousByzantiumElephantseal0806 +0 points · about 7 years ago Original Poster

I've been using a cpap for around 7 years and have yet to find one that is comfortable. Once you take one home to try, you are stuck with it for at least 6 months (Medicare) whether or not it works for you. I have tried multiple ResMed masks including the P10.

The technicians that I have gone to so far don't seem to understand the issues related to these masks and I suspect the manufacturers do not either.

People with a devoted septum find the pillow type mask (P10) causes pain when it presses against that area. Other masks with multiple straps leave strap marks on ones face that can be very embarrassing as they don't disappear for hours after use.

Wondering if anyone with these two issues has found a working solution.

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JudyBJ +0 points · about 7 years ago

Courteous...., I think you might best off just going with strap marks (rather than the pain of pillows). I use a nasal pillow and still have strap marks from its modest head gear, even though it does have some pads that came with it. I just ignore the strap marks, hoping they blend in with my skin wrinkles! If people notice them, no one has ever said anything. Someone at church also uses a CPAP and if I concentrate, I think I can see some faint strap marks on her cheeks, but if I'm not making the effort, I don't notice them. Have you tried going on line to purchase some larger or different pads for the straps? All the best, JudyBj

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Sleep +0 points · about 7 years ago

I would tend to agree with Judy, I would rather have strap marks than an painful mask. If the strap marks are staying around for hours, perhaps you are pulling the straps too snug? Have you tried a few nights with it looser? Or how about using mask liners, they can help with the mask marks.

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