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Mild OSA at young age- Is CPAP really my only option?

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Rydog22 +0 points · about 5 years ago Original Poster

Good afternoon from the UK!

As stated in a previous thread, I have recently been diagnosed with mild OSA (AHI of 12).

I am awaiting a follow up appointment with my clinic. To the best of my knowledge, they do not issue PAP machines unless you are a minimum of 15 AHI.

Due to my age (23), I am not sure I am happy to accept PAP is my only option. I totally understand it is effective treatment, and it is pretty much guaranteed to work if used properly, but I am just not sure I am ready to accept this at my age. Especially considering my OSA is not severe.

What are my options realistically?

Could tonsil removal/a mouthguard be something to consider?

Thanks in advance

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bonjour +0 points · about 5 years ago Sleep Commentator

Several options.

Which is appropriate for you depends on specifically what your apnea is. Good Luck

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Sierra +0 points · about 5 years ago Sleep Patron

I think you are correct in that the NHS does not provide machines for those in the mild category of sleep apnea (5-15). In that range, the dental appliance alternative might work for you. That would be something to check with your dentist, or ideally a dentist that specializes in apnea devices. They are likely to be more expensive than a CPAP machine though, and I am not sure NHS covers that either.

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