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Netlady362 -1 point · over 7 years ago Original Poster

I have been using a ResMed C-pap machine for over a year now and I am still waiting to feel awake. It took a few weeks for me to become accustomed to sleeping with the headgear, mask, and pressure but I persisted because my main concern was to stop my snoring and apnea episodes. I am successful in that aspect but a few side effects are very hard to overcome. Mainly the massive amount of flatulence from the air being forced into my body which has to escape. In the beginning it escaped in belches which was less embarrassing (I was living in a roommate situation at the time). Another side effect which is very rare is a pinch, or blood blister, on my upper lip from the mask (just around my nose). I also have strap indentations on my face for quite a while after removal each morning. Overall, I do sleep better with more REM time and that must be a plus for my health. I know my partner likes the benefits of my lack of snoring much better. I hope this helps someone who is considering a machine.

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