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Need help TMJ & Sleep Apnea

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Quickstepper +0 points · about 1 year ago Original Poster

I have gone through TMJ treatment which was a daytime appliance and night time appliance. The day appliance was an occlusal splint . I was weaned off and told to continue to wear night appliance which was a thermoplastic EMA made in office lab. After treatment I have an open bite. The back teeth do not touch. The dentist had moved the buttons on my EMA 3 different times. After the last time. It seems to have shrunk snd does not fit my teeth any longer. I gave not been able to get a new one. The thermoplastic EMA also had an anterior bite guard to keep pressure off my back teeth. I went to new doctor. I thought the EMA was going to be like my old one, but it came back acrylic, bulky, metal ball prongs in it snd built up 4 mm. I was not able to tolerate the build so high. My lips won’t seal snd jaw hurt. I can’t wear CPAP without having an appliance because my jaws fall back and when I sleep on my side , my jaw falls side to side. I need the appliance to hold my jaw stable so I can wear CPAP. The dentist ground the new EMA flat . Niw my. Ack teeth have started touching. My jaw feels better with the open gap. The appliance also pulls to the right snd makes my jaw feel out of socket. I told him about this but he says the appliance isn’t doing that. It is because my jaw is weak. This has not happened before s I don’t think that is the cause. I have a very small narrow mouth. Lower jaw is recessed. I had 4 permanent teeth pulled and wisdom teeth removed as child for braces. As far as my tmj, I don’t have much pain. My symptoms is my jaw locks but not as often as it did before treatment, it feels hyper mobile . And needs stability at night. I gave tinnitus both ears and hearing loss in left ear. The new doctor wants me to wear a new day appliance full time snd said I would not be a candidate to wean off. I gave not taken delivery. What would appliance would you recommend with my TMJ and sleep apnea? I will wear CPAP but have to have appliance in order to sleep snd hold jaw stable. I am desperate for any help and would appreciate your recommendation. Thank you

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